Media Appearances & Interviews

Peter Orszag discussed the outlook for US fiscal deficits and possible remedies at the Peterson Institute on May 26, 2011. 

Peter Orszag, explains to "Inside E Street" host Sheilah Kast the Obama administration's views on the costs and benefits of health care legislation before Congress. 

      From Rachel Maddow, discussing President Obama’s Budget – (2009)

From The Daily Show, discussing health care, education, and deficit (2009):

From Charlie Rose, discussing health care reform – 60 minute video! (9/2010)

From the New York Times, feature about Orszag – (2009)

Is China's Market Drop a Government Failure?(7/2015)

We Need to Impose a Price on Carbon (7/2015)

Is It Helpful to Encourage Long-Term Investment?(7/2015)

From ABC, short piece about Golodryga marrying Orszag (9/2010)

Will Fed raise rates in September? (8/2015)

C-Span, discussing health care legislation (hour long!) (12/2009)