Media Appearances & Interviews

On January 10, 2019, the Brookings Governance Studies Program, the Miller Center, the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, and the UVA Law School hosted an event that emphasizes the political and global dimensions of the 2008 financial crisis, specifically exploring such questions as: How did a new Congress-and a new president-respond in the aftermath?

Four points on improving value in health care via vertical integration and aggressive experimentation, from economist Peter Orszag.

From the NEJM Catalyst event “Disrupting the Health Care Landscape: New Roles for Familiar Players”

Peter Orszag on the U.S. Debt and Health Care Costs

This selection is from the second session of the American Debt: Causes, Consequences, and Fixes symposium.

From The Daily Show, discussing health care, education, and deficit (2009):

From Charlie Rose, discussing health care reform – 60 minute video! (9/2010)

From the New York Times, feature about Orszag – (2009)

Is China's Market Drop a Government Failure?(7/2015)

We Need to Impose a Price on Carbon (7/2015)

Is It Helpful to Encourage Long-Term Investment?(7/2015)

From ABC, short piece about Golodryga marrying Orszag (9/2010)

Will Fed raise rates in September? (8/2015)

C-Span, discussing health care legislation (hour long!) (12/2009)